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Perfect world - £12.99

This is the first Rohan Theatre Band CD to be released under the banner of an independent record label (Hobgoblin Records) and features a collection of the best songs from "Rants and Accusations" and Cemetery Songs, plus a couple of new songs. It holds an hour of music and comes beautifully presented in a matt digipack design that includes a 16 page booklet featuring the lyrics from all the songs and an illustrated essay on the history of the Rohan Theatre (dating back to 1891).

1. Please Remain Seated
2. Perfect World
3. Time Will Tell
4. Boneless Joe
5. Reunited at Last
6. Sad Skies Rolling In
7. Cabinet of Curios
8. Everybody’s Happy to be Dead
9. My Russian Blonde

10. Hymn to an Enemy
11. Things I Should Have Said
12. The Undertakers’ Ball
13. Stonemason, Stonemason
14. Who Would Have Guessed?
15. Save Us All



Overall a fairly lively CD from the Rohan Theatre Band, featuring four entirely new songs and a number of others leftover from the creation of the "Perfect World" compilation. Cynical, sardonic and at times mildly ironic, Rohan growls and huffs his way through nearly 50 minutes of music expressing his dark and gloomy world with all the vigour and theatrical panache of a half pickled corpse.

1. Big Shot
2. Jerusalem
3. Cemetery Folk
4. When I'm Gone
5. Dull Times
6. Unholy Englishman
7. Johnny Born Again
8. Anymore
9. Everything Fades
10. Ghost Story
11. Nobody Buried the Undertaker


This CD features 12 songs on the theme of Love and Loss. Dark, melancholic and brimming over with the angst expected from the Rohan Theatre Band it is a truly lyrical and tragic CD, with a more chamber music feel than many of their earlier albums.

1. Snow in Whitechapel
2. How Many Ways?
3. If Only
4. The Lonely Goth Girl
5. The Wrong Girl
6. Dead Roses and Wine
7. Today
8. The Day Before Forever
9. I Never Quite Believed
10. Anywhere But Here
11. Missing You
12. Lullaby



If you have ever fancied putting Schubert, Tom Waits, Edgar Allan Poe and Fiddler on the Roof into a blender and consuming the resulting concoction, then this is for you. Darkly Gothic, with more than a pinch of irony, the Rohan Theatre Band perform a collection of Unsavoury Songs inspired by pulp horror and tabloid tales. Rohan’s highly theatrical vocal performances growl their way through stories of murder, sexual deviancy, drug addiction and all manners of decadence and bewilderment. Ranging from beautifully tragic to uncomfortably raucous, the Rohan Theatre Band offers a satisfyingly depressing and quirky view of the popular fetishes of our age

1. Overture
2. Won’t You Dance?
3. Without you
4. Johnny Vampire
5. The Tragedy of Jason Dee
6. The House of Connoisseurs
7. Can’t Find My Way Home
8. Knickers
9. Between This River and Me
10. That Rising Sinking Feeling
11. Pretty Girl



In this, the second outing for the Rohan Theatre Band after its sell out shows around Brighton and the South East, Rohan focuses more on his pet hates, and the many issues he has with the world. As dark and ironic as the first album, this is a more focused chamber affair with delicate and sophisticated arrangements beautifully counter-balancing the uncompromisingly grim vocal performance.

1. Perfect World
2. Please Remain Seated
3. Boneless Joe
4. When I’m Gone
5. Cabinet of Curios
6. Johnny Born Again
7. Hymn to an Enemy
8. My Russian Blonde
9. Save Us All
Plus an additional hidden bonus track




This collection of songs, composed in and around Brighton's famous Woodvale Cemetery, muses considerably upon mortality. In many ways The Rohan Theatre Band's most tender album to date, each song presents a new cemetery character, either some ghost riven with angst or regret, or one of the many regular visitors whose life, in one way or another, centres around the tombyard.


1. Funerary Introduction
2. Cemetery Folk
3. Stonemason, Stonemason
4. Everything Fades
5. The Undertaker’s Ball
6. Nobody Buried the Undertaker
7. Everybody’s Happy to be Dead
8. Reunited at Last
9. Ghost Story
10. Things I should Have Said
11. Funerary Postlude



Will all patrons please remain seated
Whilst I belittle myself to amuse you
For I've tried pretty metaphors and sensitive rhymes
But the effort just seemed to confuse you
Rev. Rohan K.

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