CDs by Rohan Kriwaczek


Rohan Theatre Band CDs

collections of dark and often sleazy songs with instrumental accompaniments.


Cemetery Songs


Rants and Accusations


Unsavoury Songs


Perfect world


Love and Loss


Unhealthy Leftovers



- The Observer


Studio Produced Solo CDs

Atmospheric cinematically scored albums coloured by East European and Middle Eastern musical traditions. Often dark and spooky.


Hauntingly original

- Time Out


Ritual Dark Music


Ghost Train


The Wandering Jew


Moby Dick


Looking Back


Rohan Kriwaczek Sampler CD


Duo CDs


With Jason Dickinson




Circles in the Sand


Two Violins


King David Report


Instrumental CDs

featuring Jewish Vioilin

with Nik Ammar - guitar
with John Human - piano
She’Koyakh - Wallace Ensemble

Dr. Asperger's Klezmer Tonic


Salon Concert Music


Nostalgia's Own End - Concerto for Klezmer Band and Orchestra conducted by Ben Wolf


Funerary Violin Music


There are in addition a further 4 CDs of Funerary Violin music from the archives of the Guild of Funerary Violinists, available.

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Will all patrons please remain seated
Whilst I belittle myself to amuse you
For I've tried pretty metaphors and sensitive rhymes
But the effort just seemed to confuse you
Rev. Rohan K.

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