introducing the infamous rev. rohan k.

introducing the infamous rev. rohan k.

compiled, edited and introduced by Rohan Kriwaczek

  • Softcover: 46 pages
  • Publisher: Rohan Kriwaczek
  • Language: English
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  • Black and White
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I only met the Rev. Rohan K. on three occasions, but to say that they were memorable would be something of an understatement... So begins Rohan Kriwaczek's introduction to the Rev. Rohan K., possibly the most unconventional, and certainly the most arrogant and and deliberately offensive poet of the early 21st century. In life he was boisterous, loud, obnoxious, unreliable and frequently drunk, though he did occassionally reveal a more thoughtful side; in his works, and particularly his llive performances, he became a monster, spitting and drooling, wilfully condemning anyone who took the time to listen.

Rohan Kriwaczek's colourful reminiscences of this extraordinary and peculiar man are upstaged only by the works themselves, selected and edited from a large collection bequeathed to him by the Reverend shortly before his disappearance in July 2008. He is thought to be currently living in Peru.


  1. Read an extract from the introduction.
  2. Polite Notice
  3. Just Because...
  4. Everybody's Happy to be Dead
  5. The Undertaker's Ball


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Will all patrons please remain seated
Whilst I belittle myself to amuse you
For I've tried pretty metaphors and sensitive rhymes
But the effort just seemed to confuse you
Rev. Rohan K.

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