Rohan kriwaczek

Rohan Kriwaczek showed an early interest in music and started composing when he was seven. As a teenager he studied with Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Oliver Knussen and Judith Wier before taking degrees at the University of Sussex and the Royal Academy of Music.

Rohan has written numerous scores for TV, radio and the theatre alongside developing a career performing E. European, Middle Eastern and Jewish folk music. His classical compositions bear witness to these interests, and to his award winning experiments in multimedia radio with producer Lance Dann. As a violinist, clarinettist and bagpipe player he has performed in Israel, Poland, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and Ireland, and gives regular recitals around S. E. England in such venues as St. Martins in the Fields, the National Theatre Foyer and Brighton’s Chapel Royal. His larger Classical works have been performed the Academy and the Queen Elizabeth Hall and the Garner Arts Centre. He has done recordings with Soname, Junoreactor, Jambience, Broadway Project, Black Grass, Hard Kandy and Pressure Drop, among others.

Will all patrons please remain seated
Whilst I belittle myself to amuse you
For I've tried pretty metaphors and sensitive rhymes
But the effort just seemed to confuse you
Rev. Rohan K.

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